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A live wedding artist who believes in creating lifelong impressions with an impressionist style, Jennie is an Austin, Texas native currently based in Colorado. She hopes to gift each couple with a deeply personal experience that blends her commitment to artistry with your intimate and enduring story.

A personal heirloom.

An event you will not soon forget.

Cutting edge.

Soft captures.



I’ve learned that painting has an ability to capture the true essence of something, whether it be an experience, a relationship, or even just a single person. 

In painting, I feel known. It is the medium through which I discovered my truest self. And I pray that I can grant couples that same feeling of self-discovery and intimacy through my every brush stroke. 


My greatest hope is to be a vessel through which each bride and groom will feel not only seen, but also known.

Over 10 years of experience and live event painting is still no job — this is an illuminating passion and something I get to share with the world around me. I feel so alive every time I paint, and so fully myself. It is a rare experience for people to feel that known in their work.

This was not always the case, though. I began with a bachelor’s degree in fine art from Baylor University, where I first wrestled with my identity and style as an artist. With my degree in hand and a strong desire to serve, I took on a teaching role in South Carolina for Teach For America. This challenging experience taught me the power of enduring faith. After teaching for two years, I made the bold decision to move to Colorado where my career and a sense of Grace found me. 

It was there that an expectant brush stroke, and the discovery of my impressionistic style, revealed an overwhelming sense of peace.

I did not find my calling — it found me.

Friends and family began buying my artwork, and in 2013, everything shifted when a friend asked me to paint her botanical garden wedding. The rest is history.

Live wedding painter from Austin blending a commitment to artistic expression with a love for connection.

To understand the artist is to understand the art.

In contrast to the typical style of a solitary artist, my most meaningful work is not crafted in my Colorado studio. It is shaped — with the utmost passion and emotion — stroke by stroke at live events. Guests are not only drawn to my work, but they are drawn to the calming tone that I bring, and the feeling that they are a part of something. While guests peek over my shoulders in awe, I too join their wonder as art is created in front of our very eyes.

A Note from Jennie Lou

live wedding artist

grounded by FAITH

And the peace it brings

grounded by letting go

That feeling of freedom with a brush in hand

grounded by the OUTDOORS

Embracing nature’s grace and God’s creation

grounded by horses

Their inspiring warmth and free spirit


Family. Wandering Around Museums.

Faith. Seeing My Daughter Paint.

Travel. Witnessing Beauty Manifested in the World. Claude

in My Home.



There is nothing better than
inspiring profound joy with art.

I use my artwork to bring a compelling sense of contentment to others. I am driven to share this experience, and give to the world around me. To see tears of joy as a result of my wedding paintings feels like a tremendous gift.

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"She has an uncanny ability to turn a precious moment into a piece of art in a way which no

— Ellie & Jack | Chicago, Illinois

photo, album, nor video could ever capture."

The painting is exactly what I wanted 

— Shelbie & RJ | Beaumont, Texas

and having a live painter was the “talk” of the whole wedding!"

I hired Jennie Lou to do a live painting as a surprise. It is hanging in their new house and everyone who sees it

— Randee | Father of the Bride

greatly admires it."

I cannot put into words how happy I am with our beautiful painting!

— McBride & Madison | Dallas, Texas

An Artist Who Will Not

Brush You Off

Infusing emotions and evoking memories through reflective impressions of your personal story captured on canvas.