Originally from Austin, Texas, Jennie’s inherent nature is to create community — often hosting friends at her home. She sees art, too, as a form of kinship or hospitality, not expressing her own tastes, but pairing pure colors with the stories of others.

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This week, I have been a little…what’s the word? Discombobulated, just a fancy word for confused/disoriented.

Here’s an “if-then” statement to help you understand – If you have visitors come to town, you travel frequently for work, have a birthday bash and a holiday weekend back to back, then your laundry basket overflows, your suitcase never seems unpacked, the refrigerator smells, work emails pile up, and the next thing you know, discombobulation occurs…

But. Yesterday, I fell in step with Logan, a two-year-old.

He rolled with my discombobulation like I a champ – the kitchen floor scattered with pots and pans, his own clothes covered in food stains, trucks and bulldozers strewn across the house. I highly recommend, when you just can’t seem to remember which way is up, spending time with a two-year-old. I can guarantee he will remind you to let go of keeping it together all the time; let the ducks fall out of sync, watch the world keep spinning, the sky stay up where it belongs, and the clock tick in perfect rhythm.

After countless years trying to be my own “control management officer”, always winding up in an anxious frenzy, I like to remember it’s okay to not have it all figured out. Let life feel off-beat sometimes, and when you feel the most discombobulated, your heartbeat still drums on, and hope has not lost its luster. 

So when you discover which way is up again, look for the signs…

Lately, every time I look up I have seen a rainbow in the vast Colorado sky. For me, the shimmery bow floats above as the perfect reminder I have not been left to my own devices.

Yesterday, I saw one, the clearest one I have ever seen. It spanned all the way across the entire city of Denver, and seemed to say, “Take a deep breath, your life is not out of control just because you feel like it is.” 

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34

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